Jet Magazine Celebrates 50 Years of Shows & Stilettos With Patti LaBelle

Patricia Louise Holt, better known as Patti LaBelle covers the November 21/28 issue of Jet Magazine and this year the incomparable living legend celebrates a career that spans five decades.

In the feature article, written by S. Tia Brown, Patti sheds light on the breakup of her group, Labelle, who are currently on tour; expanding her brand from cook books and kitchen ware to her new home goods line; and hosting family for the holidays.

The Philadelphia native is hands down one of the best performers of all time. She can sing a lullaby and make you cry.

Read some of the excerpts from her article…

                       How has she been relevant in the game this long?

“I know the importance of being good at what you do, I’m a hardworking woman. I sing, I do television. I take care of a dog. I take care of myself”

About the split with LaBelle

“It was challenging when Labelle broke up for the right reason, because we didn’t want to do it together anymore, and I felt like people looked at me as the leader who wanted to do it on her own. It was never like that. The three of us decided together.”

On diversifying her brand

“I have bedding. I will be coming out with china and different things like that for Macy’s. I’m doing it, boo!”

On the holidays and too many people in the kitchen

“The holidays are fun. It’s at my house and friends are going to come over — but I don’t want too many people in the kitchen with me cooking. Ms. Patti is on her own. I don’t like people in there because it messes with my time.”


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