Jilly From Philly Gets Illy With Young Jezzy On His New Album “TM103”

Theboombox.com asks Young Jeezy:

Whose idea was it to include Jill Scott on the album?

I reached out to Jill and sent her the record. She said it was cool. Then I kinda told her where I wanted to go and she said, “You know what, Jeezy? Give me a week or two and I’ma send you something back.” She sent me ‘Trap Back,’ and I listened to it. I loved it. I hit her back and said, “This is it.” But we had some problems with the dude who did the track so I went and took the vocals to J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and had them re-do the tracks and revamp the whole song. I put my verses on it, and sent it back to her. She loved it.

I haven’t let my mother hear the song yet, but I’m quite sure when she hears it, she’ll come to tears because a lot of that s— she remembers but she probably don’t think I remember ’cause I was so young. But my mother is my strength at times, ’cause things were so hard on her and it made me go harder. I felt like I was trapped and had no way out and I just had to find my way through the maze and I felt like, I did it for us. I couldn’t see my mother struggle anymore so I had to do everything in my power to take it there. That record means a lot to me.

I told Jill I was a big fan. I knew about Jill Scott, but… one day I was chilling in Vegas with Beyonce and all them, and we were just chilling by the pool. She was playing all these songs and I was like, “Who the fuck is that?” and she was like, “You don’t know ’bout Jill Scott?” I’m like, “Yeah…” But [Beyonce] was playing all these records I’d never heard. I just became a bigger fan and I felt I just had to do something with her. I actually did a record with Maxwell too. Didn’t make the album but it’s a dope record so I’ma definitely use it later. But the record with Jill Scott was so crazy because it felt like I was back in my teenage years and I was looking at myself like, “Damn. Look how far you came and you was trappin…” I’m hoping that can be anyone else’s inspiration because a lot of times muhf—ers think they stuck and can’t get out.

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Via: Theboombox.com Beyonce Put Young Jeezy On To Jill Scott

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